Ready to Take Control of Your Business?

As a business owner or operator, you know that you can be more successful if you can provide a better experience for your customers and gain greater control over your costs and profits. EPOS System POS Software will help you do both. Our Retail Touch POS Software Package or our complete Touch POS system will give you the business software solution you need. Built on top of an award winning, mature accounting system and designed by working closely with the owners and operators of many different point of sale businesses, EPOS System software gives you the tools you need to run a better business.

Better Retail POS Software Equals Better Service

What if your software allowed you to:

  • Increase the speed of customer service?
  • Increase the accuracy of sales?
  • Improve the quality of transactions?

Sales are entered easily with a touch screen monitor at the POS terminal, increasing the speed with which the transaction occurs and decreasing the wasted time of mouse scrolling and clicks!

Sales are entered on the computer and printed to the receipt printer, providing a ticket much more legible than a hand written receipt. Not only are the items inputted more accurately, but your customers will always be charged the right amount for every sale!

Accurate inventory control lets you plan your purchasing to always have the right products on hand. Product shelf life tracking lets you track old products before you accidentally sell them to someone. Printed bar codes using your retail POS software allow your products to be clearly labeled and easily read by a bar code scanner, resulting in an optimal point of sale environment!

An Affordable Solution

Other retail point of sale software packages cost thousands of dollars. To purchase EPOS Retail Pos Software you pay only an affordable one time cost. Not only do we cost far less than our competitors but you receive a much more complete product. Our Retail POS Software is fully integrated into our business accounting software. You receive a complete business system including payroll and time clock with over 260 business reports covering all areas of your business.

Easy to Use

We know that running a retail store is your business. Making retail POS software is ours. We don’t believe you should have to be a computer expert to use our software anymore than we should have to be a master chef to enjoy a good meal! Our retail POS software is incredibly straight forward and easy to use.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

Instantly download EPOS System POS Software, no waiting period for shipping and delivery
Installs on any windows Based Machine, the program will install in less than 5 minutes on any Windows based machine.
Control your stock. EPOS System POS software allows you to keep a minimum stock to serve your customers and at the same time better manage your cash flow by only storing the right stock quantity
Issue purchase orders on time. EPOS System POS software tells you when you need to order and how much stock you need to order
Track Stock Expiry dates. Stop wasting money on expired stock by identifying stock item expiry dates
Keep a close tab on your clients. send timely reminders to your clients to pay their bills to keep a healthy cash flow
Track stock items with serial numbers. Know when an item that has a serial number was bought and sold
Print Barcodes for your stock. Allow the system to print and track barcodes for your stock to prevent user error and fast track sales
Allow multiple part numbers per each stock item. Track stock items that you buy from different suppliers with different part numbers
Email invoices, statements and specials to your clients. Use the built in emailing feature to save time and money, and generate more sales with minimal effort
Email purchase orders to your suppliers. Use the built-in emailing feature to email your suppliers your purchase orders for speedy and timely stock delivery
Track your staff sales performance. Encourage your staff by identifying the best performers and rewarding them for their hard work
Implement a sales reward program. Increase your sales by encouraging your customers to come back using a reward points program
Identify your stock best performers. Know which stock sells best and makes you more money
Find out which clients have not traded with you recently. Identify the clients who have not been in recently to help you bring them back to your business
Find out your business status on a daily bases. Check out how your business is doing on a daily basis by checking the accounting reports such as the profit and loss and balance sheet reports.
Watch and monitor your sales from the back office on your networked computer as sales are processed.
Know when to allocate more staff by reporting on your busy periods
Process sales in record time using a touch screen and a barcode scanner
Process credit sales to your regular customers with the same speed as cash sales.

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

The program is an integrated business solution that combines invoicing, purchasing, stock control, Point of Sale, Accounting, Payroll in one easy to use package. The program can be downloaded immediately from our server.

Available for online purchase and instant download soon!