Add-on products function is best used when they are sold as an “tag-along” item or an “optional” item for a linked product, e.g. Drinks toppings, Drinks sugar level, Portion Sizes. With this setup, users will be able to choose the relevant addon at the POS whenever a sale of a linked product is made.

💡 Users can assign multiple add-on products to a single or multiple linked-products.


To create an Add-on Product:


1. Create the addon product, enter Name, SKU and Base Price for the product. Refer to Adding a New Product to create a single addon product, or Importing Products via Bulk Import to import a list of addon products.


2. ☑️ the checkbox at Add-on Product.

3. Once an add-on product is created, users should also ensure the linked product is also created. Do not ☑️ the checkbox for Linked products.

4. After both products are created, proceed to Add-Ons, to further configure the Add-on Products.

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