This section describes in detail the features of Add-on. Users will be guided on creating add-on groups, and assigning add-on products to linked products, configuring linkages etc. This feature is best used when users would like to offer customers the freedom of choice whether to top-up for additional “tag-along” items or “optional” during a purchase.


As a continuation from Add-on Products, once add-on products and main product are created, at the Features Panel, Click on Add-ons to access Add-ons main page.


1. New Add-on Group

Enable users to create a new add-on group, select New Add-on Group.

a. Enter the name of add-on group.


b. Enter description of add-on group. (optional)


c. Assign sequence of add-on group.


d. Select add-on type.

Addon: Does not limit customers to quantity and choices from a range of add-on products at the POS System.

Option: To limit customers to choose only a single option from a range of add-on products at the POS System.


e. Click on Create Add-on Group once done. 2


2. Search & Filter

Allows user to search created Add-on / Options Group based on Group Name and Type of Groups filtered.


3. Add-on Groups Details

Shows user information relating to a particular voucher series.

● Position: Sequence of Add-on Groups

● Group Name: Name of Add-on Groups

● Created Date: Date of Add-on Groups created

● Type: Add-on / Option

● Item: Add-on products linked to a particular Add-on Groups

● Linked Product Variants: Main Products which the add-on Group is linked to.


4. Add-on Group Configuration

Click on the name of the Add-on Group to be directed to the Configuration page of a Group. Users also need to access the configuration page to create linkages for add-on group, add-on products and main products.


5. Edit Button

To enable users to make changes to an existing add-on group.

6. Delete Button

To remove add-on group from the database.


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