Follow the steps below on how to add a new product at the backend.


To add a new product, access the Product main page and click on New Product.


There are three sections in the New Product window: Product Detail, More Product Fields and Product Class.


(A) Product Detail


Product Name*

Enter the name of the Product. (supports multi-language input)



Stock Keeping Unit, unique identifier of the product.

💡 SKU field supports special characters – . _ ~ : / ? # [] @ ! $ & ‘ () * + =,”


Cost Price

Enter the product’s cost price. (for profit margin calculation)


Base Price*

Enter the product’s selling price.


Profit Margin

Profit Margin = (Base Price – Cost Price) ÷ Base Price x 100


Tax Types

Shows list of Tax Types which are registered into BACKEND PORTAL. Users can select Tax Type accordingly.

For more information, see Tax Rules Page Overview and Create New Tax Rule.


Open Price

☑️  the checkbox to allow the selling price (base price) to be entered manually at the POS by the cashier on duty.


Track Inventory

☑️  the checkbox to enable the inventory count of this particular product to be tracked. For more information, see Inventory. <insert hyperlink>

💡 Will be ☑️ as default.


Initial QTY

Select the applicable outlet and insert qty-on-hand for this new product.

💡 If inserted, inventory level of this new product will be automatically at the selected adjusted once created.


(B) More Product Fields


Default Barcode

Enter product barcode manually or scan item barcode with a barcode scanner.



Enter brand name. (if any)



Enter supplier name. (if any)



Show list of categories which were registered into BACKEND PORTAL. Users can select Category accordingly.

💡 Users can create a new category by entering the desired category, e.g. enter “Furniture” and click on Create “Furniture” to create a new category directly.


Product Description

Enter the description for the particular product. ☑️  cashier prompt will display when this product is added to order (if needed)

💡This checkbox allows description to be shown when product is added to the cart in POS


(C) Product Class



Users should not select any option in the product class section unless users are creating any of the following products: Composite Product, Addon Product, Package Product, Serial Number Product and Weight Scale Products.

For more information, see Product Classes.

💡 Fields marked with * are mandatory fields which should not be left blank.

💡 Click on➕icon to expand the fields; click on➖icon to shrink the fields.


(D) Product Attributes


In this subsection, users insert product attributes for products that come with different variants based on a set of attributes.



To add variants to a product, follow the steps below.


1. Fill in the necessary fields in the previous subsections, as shown. Click on Product Attribute to expand the subsection.


2. Click on + Add Attributes


3. Insert Attribute and its set of values

Eg: Size || Small ; Medium ; Large; X-Large

💡 To insert different attribute values,, hit on Enter key on the keyboard.


4. If users would like to add another attribute and attribute values. Click on + Add Attributes, empty fields will be shown. Users should then repeat step 2 and step 3 till all the relevant attributes are added.


5. Once the attributes are finalised, click on Generate Variant Attribute, a list of variants will be automatically drafted.


6. From the list of variants, users may edit the SKU, Name, Cost Price and Selling Price. To edit the created variants refer to Product Variants.


To save a product



1. To create a new product, users are required to fill up all mandatory fields.

💡 Optional fields can be skipped and left blank


2. Click on Save changes to complete product creation.


3. To clear all inputs, users may click on Reset Default to restore every field to blank.


4. Product will now be registered in the Backend System once “Create successfully” is shown at the top right corner.


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