Every composite product created in the backend will be shown in the Composites section. For more information on how to create a composite product, refer to Composite Product.


To assign “child” products to a composite product, users will need to access the Composites page.


1. From the EPOS Features Panel, click on Composites.


2. Users will be directed to the Composite Products page, users will see a list of composite products on the left side of the table. To assign linked products, at the particular line, click on the Link Variants icon.


3. An add product variant pop out window will be shown,

a. Search for the product which is supposed to be linked to the composite product.

b. Select the product(s). 💡 Users are allow to select multiple products to be linked

c. Click on Save once done.


4. Once saved, the product selected will be added with quantity = 1.0 unit. To update the quantity of the linked product,

a. Click on the quantity field , update the quantity.

b. Click on Save once done updating.


5. Once saved, users will see a message pop out in green. This shows that the manual linking of Oolong Tea and Carton of Oolong Tea is now completed.


6. Users can delete the linked product by clicking on the trash icon to delete.


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