The import from file function in the Composite Product Page allows users to assign linked products to composite products via bulk import. This will reduce the effort of users’ need to assign linked products to composite products one at a time.


💡 Users are not able to create/ bulk import new composite products in this Composite page. To create a new composite product, refer to Adding a New Product.


Follow the steps below on how to link a product to a composite product.


1. At the Composite Product Page, click on Import From File.


2. Click on Composite import template to download it.

3. Open up the downloaded composite_import_template.csv.


4. Remove all irrelevant data (from row 2 onwards) from the template.


5. Fill in the spreadsheet accordingly. 


Column A: composite_sku

Insert composite product SKU


Column B: composite_linked_sku

Insert linked product SKU


Column C: composite_linked_qty

Insert the quantity of linked product per composite.


6. Save the CSV file once all data has been input into the spreadsheet.


7. Upload the csv file


9. Click on Begin Import


10. Once done importing, users will be shown the import results.


11. At the product page, the composite products imported are now assigned with respective linked product and quantity.


If you would like to link multiple products to one composite product, refer to the steps below.


When filling up the spreadsheet, repeat composite product SKU in column A for multiple rows.

Once the csv file has been uploaded, user can see that multiple linked products are assigned to a single composite product (Carton of Oolong Tea) with respective quantities.

💡 Users are not allowed to override the quantity of linked products using bulk import function.


For more information on error messages during the bulk import process, refer to Price Book Bulk Import Common Error Messages.


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