To bulk import a list of customers, access Customers Main Page and click on Import Customers.



1. To download the Customer Import Template, via browser, directly click on the Customers import template.


2. Open up the downloaded customer_template.csv.


3. Remove all irrelevant data from the template.


4. Refer to the Customer Bulk Import Column List to fill in the columns accordingly.


5. Save the CSV file once all data has been input into the spreadsheet.


6. To import customer data,

a. Click on Choose File to select the updated CSV file.

b. Click on Begin Import.


7. Once uploaded, users will be directed to this screen.


8. Wait until the Pending status turns Valid.

a. Click on Cancel Import to return to the previous page.

b. Click on Start Import to begin importing the customer data in the CSV file.


9. Should there be any Invalid status, users must take note of the error messages.

  • Click on Cancel Import to return to the previous page.
  • Users should amend the CSV file according to the remark given.
  • Re-import the CSV file once done.


10. Users should take note of the common error messages, during the process of bulk importing customers data into the backend portal


XYZ needs to be remapped, or ignored

It indicates that users used the wrong customer import template. Users shall refer to step 1 and step 2 above to download the right customer import template.


lookup_id must be unique

Each lookup id must be unique, users must ensure that there is no duplication.

Required field, unless added on POS/frontend. 


Phone number has already been taken

Duplicated phone number is detected which exists in the backend portal.


date_of_birth should be in right format : DD/MM/YYYY

Users must enter correct date format, e.g. 08/10/1992


membership_expiry_date must be on or after today

Users must enter the membership expiry date on or after today.

For more information on checking duplication, see Creating New Product with Bulk Import, Step 10.


11. Upon successful import of customers, users will be prompted of the total number of customers imported. Click on Complete to return to the Customer main page.


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