The Backend Portal’s Bulk Import feature is used to:

  • Add line items into a new quotation
  • Overwrite existing line items in an existing quotation





Click on Import From File in the Create New Quotation/editable Quotation page.


A dialog box called Import Modal will be displayed.

Click on Quote import template to download the excel (.csv) quote import template.

💡There is a limit of 500 products that can uploaded each time using the Bulk Import feature


Open the downloaded quote_import_template.csv, and remove the sample data at Rows 2 and 3. Ensure only Row 1 headers (sku, quantity, unit price) are in the sheet.


Input the quotation products’ sku, quantity and unit price in individual rows.

💡For more information on product sku/quantity/unit price, see 1 Products of the EPOS V5 BACKEND MANUAL.


Save the excel file after all changes have been made.


In the Backend Portal, click Choose File to upload the saved excel file in the Import Modal.

Click on Begin Import to upload the file to the quotation or Click Close to exit the Import Modal back to the quotation.


Quotation page will be refreshed with the updated line items as per the excel file.


💡If incorrect product sku are input into the template excel, there will be an error message displayed for the incorrect line item in the quotation after bulk import.


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