This section describes the composites feature. Users will be guided on assigning single or multiple linked product(s) to composite products, configuring linked quantities etc. This feature is best used when users would like to sell a particular product in a bundled pack / groups.

As a continuation from Composite Products, once composite products and linked products are created, at the Features Panel, Click on Composites to access Composite Products main page.

💡 Users are not able to create composite products in this Composite page. To create a new composite product, refer to Adding a New Product.


1. Import From File

Allows users to assign linkage for composite products and linked products via bulk import. For more information, refer to Bulk Import Composite Product and Assign linked product to composite products.


2. Search

Allows users to search for particular composite products created based on Name / SKU.


3. Composite Product List

Shows users the entire list of composite products created in the backend.


4. Linked Product Variant List

Shows users the list of products which are linked to the composite product shown on the left column.


5. Composite Product

Click on the product name to access the product configuration page of the composite product.


6. Linked Product

Click on the product name to access the product configuration page of the linked product.


7. + Link Variants

Allows users to add and edit the product variants which are to be linked to the composite product.


8. Quantity

The quantity of linked products associated with each composite product.


9. Delete

Allows users to remove the linked product from the composite product.


10. Save

Allows users to save any changes made to the linked products.


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