Perform the following steps to create a new quotation.




To create a new quotation, fill up all mandatory fields.

💡  Optional fields can be skipped and left blank


Click on Create Quotation to complete quotation creation.


A pop-up will prompt you to email the newly created quotation to the customer.

  1. Enter customer’s email [if not auto-filled]
  2. Enter contact email [if not auto-filled]
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Skip to close pop up without sending
    • Send to forward the newly created quotation to the customer’s email address.


Quotation will be created successfully and now be listed in the quotations list in the main Quotations page once “Created successfully” notification is shown at the top right corner.

💡  Once a quotation is successfully created, it cannot be deleted from the Backend Portal.

💡  The Discard button in the Create New Quotation page allows users to discard a quotation that they have been working on before it is saved as a quotation in the backend.


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