Follow the steps below on how to create a new product category.


From Features Panel, Click on Product Categories to access the Product Catogeries main page.


1. New Product Category

The New Product Category window will be shown.

a. Enter the name of the product category.

b. Upload an image of the product category.

c. Assigns current product category to a parent product category (requires prior creation). This product category will now be a subgroup of another product category.

d. Click on Save Changes once done.



2. Product Category Details

Shows details related to all product categories created in the backend portal.

● Image of the Product Category.

● Name of Product Category.

● Number of Products associated with a particular Product Category.



3. Edit Product Category Button

● Edit Product Category

Users may edit the name of the product category, or change the image of the product category, click on Save Changes once done.


Delete Product Category

Users may remove the product category from the database, click on OK to


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