To create a new promotion, access the promotion main page and click New Promotion.



1. Promotion Details

● Name*: Name of promotion.

● Start Date*: Set a start date for promotion.

● End Date: Set an end date of the promotion.

💡 Can be left blank, promotions will remain active until end date is set.

● From and To: Time Frame within a day. (optional)

● Select applicable days of a week. (optional)

● Cashier upsell enabled: Prompts cashier at the POS when products associated with promotion are checked out.


2. Promotion Target

● Available to: Enables users to select Customer Groups or Membership Tiers created.

For more information, see Customer Group Page Overview.

● Available at*: Enables users to select relevant outlets, if there is more than one outlet set up in the backend portal.

For more information, see Outlet & Register.

● Include new lists:  ☑️ the checkbox if user wish to include newly created customer groups or memberships automatically when created in the future.

● Include new stores:  ☑️ the checkbox if user wish to include new stores created in the future.


3. Customer Action

Select Buy Following Items.


4. Quantity required

Sum of each variant needed to match the quantity entered at check out in
order for promotions to be activated.

e.g. Quantity required = 2, product variants A, B, C are added as part of the

A combination of the following will trigger the activation of the promotion.
e.g. 2 units of A/ B/ C; or 1 units of A + 1 units of B/C, or 1 unit of B + 1 unit of C


5. Add Product Variant

Displays an Add Product Variant window for users to select the variants to be
added in as part of the promotion.

a. Search Panel: Search with name, SKU, brand, product categories.

b. Product information.

c. Selection boxes: The selection boxes for applicable products.

d. Click on Save once done.


6. Promotion Reward / Modifier

Provides users a selection of promotion effects. For the more information on the different type of options, refer to Promotion Reward / Modifier Options.


7. Create Promotion

Click on Create Promotion once done.

💡 Once a promotion is created, users are unable to delete the Promotion from BACKEND PORTAL. Users are only able to enable, to activate the promotion or disable, to deactivate the promotion.


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