1. Click on New Menu.

a. Enter the name of the set menu.

b. Enter the SKU of the set menu.

c. Select set menu start and end time.

d. Select applicable days within a week.

e. Click on Create Menu once done.


2. Once the set menu is created, click on the name of the set menu.

3. Users will be directed to the set menu configuration page, which allows users to set up the set menu.


4. At the configuration page, click on Edit to configure each item to be included in the set menu.


5. Users will then see the separators column.

To create a separator, users will need to enter the following:

a. Name of the separator

b. Default price of the separator

c. Position: sequence of separator in set menu

d. Click on Add Separator once done.

e. Enables users to edit the separator details.

f. Removes the separator from the set menu.


6. Once the separator is created, at the separator items column, users are required to assign products to relevant separators.

a. Select the relevant separator.

b. Search for products to be added as part of the set menu under separator selected in step a.

c. Additional price if the product requires top up from the customer or “0” if no additional top up.

d. Position: sequence of product in each separator.

e. Click on Add Product once done. Each product added to respective separators will be shown.

f. Shows users the default product selection for each separator.

g. Enables users to edit each separator item.


7. Once all separators and products are assigned, at the top right corner of the configuration page, click on Finish Editing to save.


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