Refer to the list below for the Customer Bulk Import Columns and the general guidelines to fill in the columns accordingly.


A*. full_name

Enter customer’s full name.


B. address_street_1

Enter customer address details.


C. address_street_2

Enter customer address details.


D. address_postal_code

Enter postal code of customer address.


E. address_city

Enter the city of customer address.


F. address_state

Enter the state of customer address.


G. address_country

Enter the country of customer address.


H. notes

Enter remarks, if needed.


I. email

Enter customer’s email address.


J. phone_number

Enter customer’s phone number. (home, office number, etc.)


K. identifier_value


L. identifier_type


M date_of_birth

Enter customer’s birthday in DD/MM/YY format.


N. gender

Enter male or female.


O. prefix

Enter Mr/ Mrs/ Ms/ Dr.


P*. mobile_number

Enter customer’s mobile number.

💡 This information can be used to search for customers at POS.


Q. fax_number

Enter customer’s fax number


R*. lookup_id

Users can choose to enter ID number or phone number or membership ID.


S. membership_tier

Enter membership tier. For more information, see Membership Tier.


T. membership_point

Allow users to import membership points associated with the customer.


U. membership_expire_date

Enter membership tier expiry date in DD/MM/YY format.


V. credit_balance

Allow users to import credit balances associated with the customer.


W. customer_group_names

Enter the customer group. For more information, see Customer Groups.


X. allow_credit_transactions

Only enter TRUE or FALSE.

● “TRUE” to allow customers to purchase and spend credits.

● “FALSE” or left blank to disallow.


Y. allow_account_transactions

Only enter TRUE or FALSE.

● “TRUE” to allow this field to enable customers perform on-account transactions.

● “FALSE” or left blank to disallow.

💡 Once enabled, customers’ payments can be owed and only to be cleared in the future.


* Compulsory fields

💡 Any optional columns which are not carrying any data can be deleted to enhance data import speed.


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