This section provides users the details or history of customer’s credit transactions.



1. Edit Customer

Edit customer details. Displays the edit window similar to Add Customer.


2. Credit Balance

Credit balance in customer’s account.


3. Add Adjustment

Allow users to manually adjust customer credit.

a. Enter credit.

b. Enter the reason for adjustment of the credit.

💡 Users may enter a negative value to reduce customers’ credit.

c. Click on Create Adjustment once done.


4. Credit History

Details Shows user the credit transactions history of the customer

● Date and Time

● Description of credit transaction

● Debit or Credit

💡 “Debit” means deduction of credit; “Credit” means increment of credit.

● Order number in which credit is transacted.


5. Order Invoice

Click on the order number to access the detailed order invoice page.


Users may refer to Product Pricing for more details on configuring product credits.

Users may also refer to Adding a New Customer, no.5, to toggle on or off for credit transactions.


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