This section guides users through customer’s summarized information, this page also known as Customer Overview.

Accessing the customer configuration page, by default, users will be directed to Customer Overview page.



1. Edit Customer

Edit customer details. Displays the edit window similar to Add Customer.


2. Spending Details

Show users the spending details of a particular customer.

● Total Spent: Lifetime (since created)

● Total Orders: Total number of orders made

● Credit Balance: Amount of credit left in the customer’s account (only limited to customer allowed for credit transaction). For more information, see Adding a new customer, No.5, to toggle on or off.

● Account Balance: Amount to be repaid by customers (only limited to the customer allowed for account transaction). For more information, see Adding a new customer, No.6, to toggle on or off.


3. Membership

Shows users the membership details which the customer is assigned to, and membership points available for redemption. For more information, see Memberships.


4. Customer Note

Shows customer remarks, if any.


5. Last Transaction

Shows users the last transaction made by the customer.

● Location

● No. of days ago


6. Registered Date

Date of customer being created in the EPOS database.


7. Customer Personal Particulars

Show users’ customer’s personal particulars.


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