This section provides a detailed description and step-by-step guide related to managing customers and customer memberships in the backend portal.

From the EPOS Features Panel, click on Customers to access the Customers Main Page. At this page, users will see the list of customers and customers’ details registered in the database.



1. Adding a New Customer

Enables users to create a customer into the portal.

For more information, see Adding a New Customer.


2. Bulk Import Customer List

Enables users to create multiple customers simultaneously into the portal.

For more information, see Importing Customer List via Bulk Import.


3. Filter and Search

Provides users the ease to search for a particular customer through name, email address, contact numbers, lookup ID and filter them by gender and different customer groups or memberships.


4. Export Customer List

Download the list of selected customers and relevant information in CSV format.


5. Customer Settings

Users can access quick settings of a particular customer.


6. Customer List

Shows the entire list of customers registered into the portal based on the filter or search criteria defined by users.


7. Customer Configurations

Enables users to access customer details, e.g. Order History, Credit History,


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