Details on checking customer’s membership points, customer earning and spending membership points will be explained in this section.

For more information on customer membership and membership points, see Memberships.



1. Edit Customer

Edit customer details. The edit window will be shown, similar to Add Customer.


2. Point Balance

Available balance of customer’s membership points.


3. Add Adjustment

Allow users to manually adjust customer’s membership point balance.

a. Customer’s current membership points.

b. Enter points adjustment.

💡 Users may enter a negative value to reduce customers’ membership points.

c. Insert Adjustment Description

d. Click on Create Adjustment once done.


4. Membership Point History Details

Shows user the on-account transactions history of the customer

● Order Number

● Date and Time

● Type: Earn/ Spent/ Refund

● Description: Describes Points Type

● Debit or Credit


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