We’ve installed POS systems for many businesses in the service industry such as spas, salons and playgrounds. Our system comes with user-friendly CRM to record customer service history and personal preference.

EPOS also supports package management; when you sell the package, you can also record redemption by session or by credit.

For example, a customer purchases 10 sessions and gets 1 free session. Another case is where a customer pre-pays $500 and gains $800 credit to spend.

You may also view sales reports by different sales or service staff. This will be useful for commission calculation.

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Epos provides accounting integration with Quickbooks by automatically sending all transaction data to Quickbooks, saving hundreds of hours.

Quickbooks is the number 1 accounting system in the world, providing an easy way for your accountant to obtain all your sales figures.

Save on bookkeeping expenses; it is very simple to add expenses and utilities via Quickbooks.

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Our F&B POS system has a very user friendly ordering interface. We can also implement queue displays or buzzers to cater to self service and self collection operations.

It is also very easy to program the menu if you need to change or create new menus.

If the food is fresh-made, the system can also print out the preparation chit once the order is confirmed. You can also categorize the menu and allow them to be printed out from different printers according to your preparation stations.

For full service F&B businesses, our restaurant POS system comes with complete table management to handle table change, table merge, split payment by pax and split payment by menu, which are all common practices in the F&B industry. You may also choose to add on table ordering systems for waiters/waitresses to carry if you need table servicing. You can also program modifiers and set menus.

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Our POS System includes a user friendly CRM interface for you to setup your membership and loyalty programs.

Your customer can accumulate points from their expenditure, and you may customize your own formulas for redemption, discounts and promotions.

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Our system comes with a user friendly inventory management system which helps you to issue POs, monitor stock levels, perform stock-take/stock adjustments, generate barcodes and perform labeling.

If you have multiple outlets, we recommend to go by our cloud-based system. This way, you can manage inventory by performing stock transfers across outlets. Management can also monitor real-time sales and audit stock levels anytime and anywhere, without needing access to the POS.

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EPOS has solutions for both cloud and on-premise.

Also, we do not store any sensitive information such as credit card data. If you are concerned about crashes, our server data is backed up every minute.

Since our cloud servers are AWS-based, it is far less likely that the servers will have issues, as compared to hardware failure.

In the case of hardware issues, since you are backed up on cloud, all it takes is to obtain any compatible hardware, connect to your server and you are good to go with all your data intact.

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The EPOS cash machine will improve your payment process speed and efficiency.

Our cash machine has high capacity so you will not need to remove money as often.

Also, security is much higher and processing is much faster.

Our cash machine is comparable to ATM machines. The return change will be provided in one go instead of by pieces.

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