Follow the steps below on how to override product information after a product has been created at the backend.


1. To override product information, users shall follow the same steps entailed in How to Import Products via Bulk Import. to upload the csv file.


2. Once the file is uploaded, users will then be directed to the window as shown below.


3. Click on View Duplicated to view the list of products which were previously registered in backend portal.


4. Users will then be directed to the Product Import Override page.


a. Skip Importing These Items

Terminate product override operations and return to Product main page.


b. Override Selected Items EPOS

☑️  required rows if only certain items need to be overridden.


c. Override All Items

☑️  required columns to override all items.


💡 SKU and is_composite_addon_setmenu columns cannot be overridden. Users will need to delete and re-create the product if any changes are to be made on these fields.

💡 if encounter this error message “undefined methodinclude?” for nil:NilClass”, this means users forgot to tick at least one column before selecting Override All Items.


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