This section describes in detail the features of Customers Membership. Users will be guided through on creating new memberships, configuring the memberships and assigning customers to the relevant membership. This feature is best used for users who would like to reward customers with membership points as part of the effort in customer relationship management.


Users must take note that the point redemption setting will be constant across all membership tiers. However, to differentiate between membership tiers, users can decide the points earning rate (points earned per dollar spent) for each tier, e.g. the more prestigious tier will be rewarded more points per dollar spent.


To access the Membership Main Page, at the Features Panel, click on Membership, by default, users will be directed to Membership Overview page.



1. Point Redemption Config

Allows users to adjust the point redemption in terms of $/point for customers who wish to redeem membership points


a. Enter points conversion rate.

b. Enter maximum redemption limit. If no limit, ☑️ No Limit.

c. Click on Change Rule once done.


2. Add Tier

Allows users to create a new membership tier.


a. Enter the name of the membership tier.

b. Enter no. of points earned per dollar spent.

c. Enter no. of days for unspent points to be forfeited.
💡Can be left blank if it is not applicable.

d. Click on Add Tier once done.


3. View Archive

Shows the membership tiers which are no longer active.

    • Membership Tier Name
    • No. of members
    • Earn Rate: No. of points earned per dollar spent
    • Date of membership tier created
    • Date of membership tier archived


4. Default Membership Tier

Allows new customers to be automatically assigned to a particular membership tier.

Click on the membership tier name to select the default tier from the list of dropdown selections. Click on Submit to confirm and save change.

💡No default tier will be selected if left blank.


Once set, the default membership tier will be shown.


5. Membership Tier Details

Shows the user the list of membership tiers created and their related details

    • Membership Tier Name
    • No. of members
    • Earn Rate – Points earned per dollar spent
    • Date of membership tier created
    • No. of days till membership points are forfeited


6. Membership Configurations

Direct users to the membership configuration page.
For more information, see Membership Configurations (Overview).


7. Quick Settings

Click on the gear button for membership settings.

a. Edit Tier: similar to No.2

b. Archive Tier: Deactivates membership tier.


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