To access Price Book configuration, click on the name of the Price Book.

Alternatively, once users click on Create Price Book while creating a new Price Book, users will also be directed to the Price Book Configuration Page.




1. Edit Price Book

The Edit Price Book window will be shown. For more information, see Creating a New Price Book.


2. Name and Customer List

Shows the name of the Price Book and applicable customer list and membership tiers.


3. Effective Date and Outlet

Shows the start and end date and applicable outlet/store.


4. New Product Price Rule

Click on + New Product Price Rules to create product name, operation and value. Enables users to add new products to the Price Book with respective price book operations and value. For more information, see Add Products to Price Book.


5. Search Filter

Enables users to search based on:

● Product Name

● Price Book Operation

● Sort by latest created date/ oldest created date/ product name


6. Edit

Allows user to edit product name, operation and value.


7. Delete

Allows user to delete product from price book.



Once products are added successfully into the Price Book, product(s) will be listed with associated Price Book operations. Users can see the revised selling price based on the Price Book at the Output field.


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