Under the Inventory tab, details such as Cost Price, Supplier, Supplier Code, and Inventory Count and movements will be shown. For more information, see Inventory.


1. Edit Product Button

Displays the Edit Product window. (similar to Edit Product)


2. Variant Inventory Details

Shows the overall inventory details related to all variants associated with the product.

● Product Name and SKU.

● Cost Price.

● Supplier, Supplier Code and Supplier Note.

● On Hand: Current inventory level on-hand.

● Outgoing: Count of stock pending to be sent for a specific variant.

● Incoming: Count of stock pending to be received for a specific variant.


3. Edit Variant Inventory Button

Displays the Edit Variant Inventory Menu.


● Edit Supplier

a. Select Supplier to replace current supplier.


b. Enter Supplier Code and Supplier Note (optional) as needed.


c. Click on Save once done. For more information, see Suppliers.


● Edit Cost Price

a. Shows the current cost price, if any.


b. Enter New Cost Price.


c. Click on Save once done.


● Edit Lead Time

💡Lead Time means the duration for goods to be received from the point of ordering.

Enter Lead Time and click on Save once done.


● Reset Stock

Prompts user to re-confirm resetting stock level.

Click OK to confirm reset stock level to zero.


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