This section provides a detailed description and step-by-step guide related to managing products in the backend portal.

Users are directed to the Products main page, where all registered products will be shown.


Product page - EPOS

1. Adding a New Product

Enable users to create a single new product into the portal. For more information, see Adding a New Product.


2. Bulk Import Products

Users can create multiple products simultaneously into the portal. For more information, see Importing Products via Bulk Import.


3. Filter & Search

Provide users the ease to search for a particular product with specific criteria.

● Name / SKU / Barcode

● Brand

● Product Category

● Sub Product Category

● Product Class


4. Pagination

Allows users to select page number. Users can also type in the page number that they would like to access in the “Jump to:” field.


5. Export Product List

Download the selected products in CSV format.


6. Product Settings

Enable users to access quick settings of a particular product.


7. Product List

Shows the entire list of products registered into the portal based on the filter or search criteria defined by users. Contains information like:

● Product Name & SKU

● Created date and time

● Product Category

● Brand

● Number of variants

● Last Cost Price (based on Stock In and Purchase Orders) <insert hyperlink>

● Inventory level


8. Product Configurations

Enables users to access product details i.e., Overview, Inventory, Performance, etc. For more information, see Product Configurations


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