The Productivity Grant (PSG) was launched by IMDA Singapore to supports SMEs that are keen on adopting IT solutions and equipment to enhance business processes.

PSG covers sector-specific solutions such as retail and food industry.

With up to 80% cash grant available, it allows local companies to make long term investment on POS systems in Singapore.


Startups. Companies with no minimum employees. Small and medium sized enterprises.

Companies need to have 30% of ordinary shares to be held by Singaporeans or PRs.

SMEs that have claimed from the grant more than a year ago can reapply.


Here are some other frequently asked questions about PSG.

Do applicants have to be Singaporeans?

Businesses that wish to apply for the Productivity Solution Grant has to have at least 30% of the business ordinary shares be held by Singaporeans or Permanent Resident.

How many times can a company apply for PSG?

A company can apply for PSG for every new technology solution. For example, if a company applies for the grant and receive a 80% subsidy for EPOS POS machine, they can still apply for the grant for a different technological solution.

Companies can only apply for PSG for the same solution more than once only if it is for a different outlet under the business, this means that a company can receive 80% subsidies on two or more EPOS machines as long as they are for different outlet. 

Is there a cap to the PSG approved grant?

There is a grant cap of S$ 30,000 per business, this cap resets on the 31st of March every year. This means that applicants that have hit their $ 30,000 budget, will only be able to qualify for PSG again after 31st March.

*Certain equipment and IT solution might be subjected to further cost caps.

Can I apply for PSG after signing a contract with EPOS

No you cannot. In order to enjoy the subsidy of the PSG, you have to apply for it before you make the purchase.

It cannot be done after signing or making any payment to a vendor.

What does the PSG subsidy cover?

The PSG grant only covers the purchase cost of the equipment, delivery fee and installation fee.

Unless stated otherwise, anything else is excluded.  

What is a pre-approved vendor?

IMDA has pre-scoped both vendor and solution in order to simplify the application process. Being a PSG pre-approved vendor allows applicant to apply for the grant with confidence as it remove the uncertainty on whether the tech solution is eligible for the grant.



EPOS is a pre-approved Productivity Solution Grant Vendor and also one of Singapore’s leading Point of Sales (POS) System vendors that has won numerous awards.

Most recently, EPOS was recognised as one of the top POS vendors in Singapore at the IMDA Partner Appreciation event in December 2019.



EPOS Point of Sales System X810

EPOS POS System offers a full range of feature that is catered to your business, whether it be Retail, F&B or Minimart.


EPOS Inventory

Management System

  • Automate your stock taking process and save on precious man hours
  • Avoid out of stock situations with low stock notification
  • Handheld barcode scanner allow employees to walk around and update price and manage inventory
  • Perfect for both retail, minimart and f&b industry

EPOS Accounting

System and Integrations

  • Get accurate real time data of your businesses financial health
  • Easily accessible through a web browser
  • Integrate with industry-leading accounting systems such as Xero and QuickBooks

EPOS Ecommerce

System and Integrations

  • Integrate with industry-leading ecommerce solutions such as Shopify and WooCommerce. 
  • Have a holistic view of both in-store and ecommerce sales.
  • One-stop inventory management solution to manage and understand your inventory for both online and offline sales. 

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