Serial Number Products function is best used when products with the same SKU come in different serial numbers or IMEI numbers. Eg. electrical appliances, mobile devices, vouchers. With this setup, the cashier is required to also enter the Serial number / IMEI number to be able to retrieve the exact product when sales of these products are made at the POS.


To create a Serial Number Product:


1. Create the serial number product, enter Name, SKU and Base Price for the product. Refer to Adding a New Product to create a serial number product.


2.  ☑️ the checkbox at the Serial Number product.


3. Additional required fields will be enabled.


Users should ☑️ either Serial number or IMEI number.

💡 IMEI numbers are usually used for mobile devices.


4. Once a serial number product is created, users should proceed to Serial Number / IMEI to further configure the Serial Numbers and IMEI numbers of the product.


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