To access Set Menu Configuration, click on the Name of the Set Menu.



First, users will be directed to the Set Menu Overview page. Users will be able to see all separators and products added to the Set Menu.



1. Edit Button

Directs users to the Set Menu Configuration.


2. Delete

Removes set menu from database.


3. Set Menu Details

Shows users general information relating to the set menu.

● Default selling price

● Applied time

● Applied days


4. Separators Shows users the list of separators added to the set menu and default price.


5. Separators Details

Shows users the list of products added into each separator.

● Position of each product within separators

● Product barcode (if any)

● Product Name

● Product SKU

● Price Difference (if any)

● Default choice


To configure the set menu, at the set menu overview page, click on Edit.


Users will be directed to the page below which is similar to Creating a New Set Menu. Users can reconfigure the separators and products as needed. Click on Finish Editing once done.

💡 Users can now also search the Set Menu created at the product page, based on Set Menu Product Name or SKU. To further configure details such as product category, tax type, etc. see Product Configurations.


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