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What are Climate Vouchers?

Every HDB household will get $300 in Climate Vouchers to purchase efficient appliances and fittings, encouraging them to reduce their energy and water consumption.

Many businesses like yours have signed up to offer Climate Voucher redemption with us. Contact us for a free demo now!

For Vendors

How to be Climate Voucher Ready? 

  1. Offer any appliances or fittings of resource-efficient products
  2. Have a physical Point-of-Sales (POS) system that can: 
    • Connect to internet to redeem vouchers via real-time API integration
    • Configure a whitelisting module for eligible products
    • Support QR code scanning.Vendor Application Process

Vendor Application Process

  1. Purchase our Climate Voucher ready POS system
  2. Submit whitelist product SKUs to NEA 
  3. Sign Retailer Agreement upon approval
  4. Start Accepting Climate Vouchers


  1. Can I accept and redeem Climate Vouchers without internet access?No. A database connection to RedeemSG is required to validate and redeem the voucher.
  2. Can clients still add product whitelist after the list is approved by NEA?
    Yes, but client must re-submit the list to NEA for approval before whitelisting the new SKUs.
  3. Can Climate Vouchers be redeemed from online sales via webapp or websites? No. The NEA Voucher can only be used in physical store purchases.
  4. Is there a limit number of eligible items can be added to whitelist?
    There is no limit.


For Consumers

What is Climate Voucher?

Launched on 28 November 2020, the Climate Friendly Households Programme (CFHP) is a joint initiative by NEA and PUB which aims to encourage households to take climate actions to be more efficient in their energy and water consumption, while saving on utility bills in the long run.

From 15 April 2024, the programme has been enhanced to benefit more households and provide more resource-efficient products to choose from. All HDB households* can claim $300 in Climate Vouchers to offset the purchase of 10 types of energy- and water-efficient appliances and fittings.

Programme ends 31 December 2027.

What products are eligible?


  • 3- or 4-tick refrigerators
  • 3-tick shower fittings
  • 2-tick and above LED lights
  • 5-tick air-conditioners


  • 3-tick basin taps and mixers
  • 3-tick sink/bib taps and mixers
  • 3-tick water closets
  • 4-tick washing machines


  • Direct current fans
  • Heat pump water heaters

To claim:

  1. Visit and tap on ‘Climate Vouchers’.
  2. Receive the SMS link to your Climate Vouchers. Forward the SMS to share the vouchers with household members.

To spend:

  1. Present proof of address with voucher.
  2. Choose the amount to spend. Then tap on ‘Show voucher’.
  3. Show QR code to cashier.
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