Features Designed To Maximise Your Minimart Efficiency

Our minimart POS system is the perfect technological solution, employing data-driven software and stocktaking tools to bring your minimart to the next level.

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Highly relevant minimart solutions to maximise the efficiency of your minimart store in Singapore

Perfect Minimart Solution

Numerous features that tackle the common and uncommon minimart problems 

Constantly Improving

New features based on feedback and suggestions from our customers keep you ahead of your competitors

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Minimart POS Features Designed For You


Check on your store’s daily performance through auto-generated graphs based on your sales data

visibility & control of inventory

Easily sort through and manage your thousands of minimart holdings, get a clear picture of low stock items and use SmartReorder, which suggests reorder amounts based on your sales and inventory data


Access real-time data and manage your business easily through a web browser, anytime and anywhere


Easily scan, label and upload the thousands of stocks sitting in your storage with our handheld stock taking and barcode labeling device 

“With the CRM that EPOS has implemented, we can provide a personalised service that distinguishes ourselves from the bigger players.”

– Daniel Tan
Angel Supermart

watch the full interview

We spoke to Daniel Tan, founder of Angel Supermart and long-term customer of EPOS, to get his insights on the Minimart industry in Singapore and how EPOS has contributed to his business success.

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Save Costs Through Various Government Grants


Introduced by the IMDA, this grant encourages businesses to invest in digital solutions offering up to 50% in subsidies.

Skills Future Enterprise Credit

Eligible employers will receive a one-off S$10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of the remaining costs.

We Are A Pre-Approved Vendor

EPOS is a Pre-Approved Vendor for the grants mentioned above. Our solutions are automatically eligible for grants.

Check Eligibility



How Do I Qualify For The Above Mentioned Grants

For all the grants mentioned, one of the main criteria is that you must be a local business. Following that, all other eligibility criteria are varied. You can read more on the eligibility criteria of the  Productivity Solution Grant, which heavily subsides the majority of the POS System cost, here.

How Is It Possible To Receive Subsidies

If you meet the eligibility criteria, it is possible to achieve subsidies. Here’s how: the Productivity Solution Grant subsidises up to 50% of the total cost for companies that adopt long-term technological solutions, of which EPOS is listed as a pre-approved vendor. Furthermore, Skills Future Enterprise Credit covers a high percentage of the remaining cost.

How Do I Apply For The Grants

Being a pre-approved vendor for Productivity Solution Grant (PSG), we are able to guide you through the process of filling out the grant application. 

SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit is based off your Productivity Solution Grant application. Should you meet the eligibility criteria of the SFEC grant, it will automatically be applied to you when you apply for PSG.

For the Digital Resilience Bonus, if you meet the eligibility criteria, the solution company in this case EPOS will handle the submission process.

What Is A Pre-Approved Solution Vendor

For all the grants mentioned above, they have a list of pre-approved vendors. There are two criteria that need to be fulfilled before a grant can be approved. The first, is whether the applicant meets all the eligibility criteria applicable which vary from grant to grant.

Next, is whether the technological solution adopted will help a company improve specifically in different business aspects such as efficiency and profitability. To make the process easier, companies apply for pre-approved status which involves meeting the grants’ stringent requirements to qualify as a technological solution that helps the F&B industry.

Once vendors become pre-approved for grants, all that’s left is for applicants to meet the eligibility criteria in order for the grant to be approved.


Cloud Based POS

A cloud based POS system allows retail owners view and manage their business from any web browser. They can view their sales and inventory data anytime and anywhere, giving them the ability to make better business decisions.

Inventory Management System

EPOS provides one of the most advanced inventory systems in the market to help retailers manage their inventory with maximum efficiency. Our inventory management system automatically updates stock counts to give retailers an accurate summary overview of their business using real time data.

We offer a data driven reordering software that uses sales and inventory data to help retailers manage their stock and avoid overstocking or out of stock situations.

Ecommerce Integration

Allows you to integrate your online stores with our POS system. This means that you can manage all your orders from one POS terminal, giving you seamless control over all businesses. Currently available for Shopify, WOOcommerce and OpenCart.

Accounting Integration

Integrates industry leading accounting software with our POS system. It automatically syncs sales and inventory data to generate your financial reports, helping to cut down on human error and increase efficiency. This makes handling taxes and sales reports less of a headache as well.

Packages and Pricing

What Kind Of Packages Are There?

At the moment we offer 3 different packages, you can find out more information on each package here.

What Hardware Is Included In The Package

Across all packages the standard hardware included are a 13 Inch Touchscreen POS Terminal, Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner, Thermal Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Keyboard and Mouse.

Depending on the package there may be additional hardware such as Barcode Labelling Device or Handheld Stocktaking Device.

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