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This section provides details related to the Quotation Main Page in the backend portal.

Quotations Main Page

The Quotations main page is where all created quotations will be listed.

No  Fields/Functions  Description
1QuotationsDirect users to the main Quotations page.
2Filter & SearchEnable users to search for a particular quotation with specific criteria, such as:

  • Customer Name / Quotation No. / Quotation Ref.
  • Quotation Date
  • Due Date
  • Store
  • Status
3Create New QuotationEnable users to create a new quotation in the portal.
For more information, see Creating New Quotation.
4Export Quotation ListDownload all/filtered quotations list in .csv format.
5Quotation ListShows the entire list of quotations existing in the portal based on the filter/search criteria applied by users, such as:

  • Quotation No.
  • Quotation Ref.
  • Customer
  • Quotation Date
  • Due date
  • Store
  • Amount
  • Status

The Products section in the Create New Quotation/New Invoice page will vary according to the chosen Tax Type.

The Backend Portal’s Bulk Import feature is used to:

  • Add line items into a new quotation
  • Overwrite existing line items in an existing quotation
1Click on Import From File in the Create New Quotation/editable Quotation page.
2A dialog box called Import Modal will be displayed.

Click on Quote import template to download the excel (.csv) quote import template.

💡There is a limit of 500 products that can uploaded each time using the Bulk Import feature

3Open the downloaded quote_import_template.csv, and remove the sample data at Rows 2 and 3. Ensure only Row 1 headers (sku, quantity, unit price) are in the sheet.

4Input the quotation products’ sku, quantity and unit price in individual rows.

💡For more information on product sku/quantity/unit price, see 1 Products of the EPOS V5 BACKEND MANUAL.

5Save the excel file after all changes have been made.
6In the Backend Portal, click Choose File to upload the saved excel file in the Import Modal.

Click on Begin Import to upload the file to the quotation or Click Close to exit the Import Modal back to the quotation.

7Quotation page will be refreshed with the updated line items as per the excel file.

💡 If incorrect product sku are input into the template excel, there will be an error message displayed for the incorrect line item in the quotation after bulk import.

Only products from certain product classes are able to be added to new quotations/invoices. Refer to the following table for addable product classes:

Product ClassAddable to Quotations/Invoices?








Serial Number


Weight Scale


💡 While add-on products cannot be added to quotations, any linked normal products in add-on groups can be added to quotations/invoices. For more information, see Add-ons.

Composite products will display all their component products in corresponding quantities when added to a quotation/invoice. 

Normal, Package and Weight Scale products will appear as individual line items.

The Order Qty for each single component product in the composite will depend on the quantity of composite product entered by the users. For more information, see Composite Products.

1To create a new quotation, fill up all mandatory fields.

💡  Optional fields can be skipped and left blank

2Click on Create Quotation to complete quotation creation.
3A pop-up will prompt you to email the newly created quotation to the customer.

  1. Enter customer’s email [if not auto-filled]
  2. Enter contact email [if not auto-filled]
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Skip to close pop up without sending
    • Send to forward the newly created quotation to the customer’s email address.
4Quotation will be created successfully and now be listed in the quotations list in the Quotations page once “Created successfully” notification is shown at the top right corner.

💡  Once a quotation is successfully created, it cannot be deleted from the Backend Portal.

💡  The Discard button in the Create New Quotation page allows users to discard a quotation that they have been working on before it is saved as a quotation in the backend.

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