WATI (Whatsapp Team Inbox)

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To access the WATI backend page, click on Integrations on the Features Panel and click into Whatsapp Team Inbox. 

💡 If you do not see the Whatsapp Team Inbox option, please contact our support staff. 


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Error Logs

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On the Configs / Configuration tab, users can set up the relevant WATI templates. 

More information on setting up WATI Templates coming soon!

💡 Scroll down to view how to disable E-Receipt Sendings


Disable e-Receipt Sendings

1. Under the “e-Receipt Template Configs” section, click on the down arrow to open up more configurations. 

2. Click on the dropdown list to choose the default template. 

3. Select “None” as the default template. 


4. Click “Save Changes”. 

5. A Warning Pop-up would appear to notify that without setting up the mapping, E-Receipts will not be triggered. 

6. Click on “Continue” 

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