Label Printing

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What are label stickers?

Label stickers are an efficient solution to preventing miscommunication within customer-facing staffs in F&B businesses.

In business operations, label stickers are printed out after payment with the exact orders placed by cashiers on the POS and customers on self-service platforms. Staffs then refer to these label stickers to prepare the food and drinks accordingly. This reduces the the risk of human error in communicating and preparing orders, ensuring a smoother operation process. 

Follow the steps below to set up label printing for your business:

1. On the POS, go to settings then select Hardware Settings. 

2. ✅ Print label for each item

3. Select label size and label printer
    • Size: 50 x 30 mm
    • Label: BIXOLON XD3-40d (Printer Name)
4. Save Changes

5. Restart the POS

6. Your label printer is now set up for label printing

💡 Only products with modifiers assigned are eligible for label printing

By default, labels are only printed when “Print Label” is selected. 

To enable auto-print label: 

1. On the features panel, Select EPOS Apps, then Select Kitchen Printing

2. Enable “Auto Send All”

3. On the POS, enable “Auto Print Label”

4. Save changes

5. Ensure that the label printer is assigned to the POS

For more information, see Label Printing – Overview.

6. On the keyboard, press the window key

7. Show hidden taskbar icons

8. Right-click the EPOS logo & Click on “View EPOS Dashboard”

9. In EPOS Core Manager, Go to Store Settings

10. Under “Auto Printing Label”, select the POS that the label printer is connected to 

11. Labels will now automatically print out whenever a paid order with a modifier product is made. 
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