May 2024

This month, new features were added and current features have been updated to increase the efficiency and flexibility for businesses when operating with the POS system.

What’s New

Not sure which affects you? 
These icons indicate which group of users is impacted by each enhancement: Point of Sale (POS) users, Backend users, or Web Ordering App users.

( 🖥️ POS — ⚙️ Backend 📱 Web Ordering App)

(POS/Kiosk/Web Ordering) Service Charge Removal 🖥️📱


The Service Charge will be default off on the POS unless the cashier turns on the Service Charge toggle to apply service charge. 

For takeaway, delivery and store pick up orders, the service charge portion will be excluded for orders made on the Self Service Kiosk and Web Ordering App.

Self Service Kiosk Orders


Web Ordering Orders


(QR/Web Ordering) 'Pay at Cashier' Text Update 📱

Directions provided to users are updated for clarity to improve the efficiency of payment and sending of orders to the kitchen.

At the Order Summary page, users will be prompted to ‘Pay at Cashier’.

(Customer Information) One-time edit of birthday ⚙️

When registering for an account before ordering, customers have the option to enter their birthday upon registration.

Customers who entered their birthday upon registration are only allowed to edit their birthday once. 

Customers who did not enter their birthday upon registration are allowed to edit their birthday twice.

(POS) Restricting Unavailable Products on POS 🖥️

Cashiers can restrict the sale of unavailable products from the settings on the POS by navigating to ‘Restriction Settings’ > ‘Add Product’. 

When these restricted products are added to cart on the sales view, there will be a pop-up message that requires the cashiers’ response.

(POS) Network Indication Colour 🖥️

The Network Indication colour indicates the connection state of the POS.

  1. When the Network Indication colour is Green, the POS is connected to the Internet.
  2. When the Network Indication colour is Orange, the POS is disconnected from the Internet.

  3. When the Network Indication colour is Red, the POS is disconnected from the core service. 

(POS/QR Ordering) Auto-Print Receipts of Confirmed QR Orders 🖥️⚙️

Paid orders from the QR ordering website can be configured to be confirmed automatically and sent to the POS for the receipt to be printed automatically. 

In the Backend store portal, navigate to ‘EPOS Apps’ > ‘Kiosk & Web Ordering’ > turn on ‘Auto Send to Kitchen’.

In the POS settings, navigate to ‘Receipt Settings’ > turn on ‘Auto Print Receipt’. 


(POS) Selection Limits 🖥️

For option groups, the other options will be greyed out if the maximum quantity is selected. 

For add-on groups, the ‘+’ button will be greyed out if the maximum quantity is added.

Users are only able to add the item to cart if all the minimum quantity of groups are selected. 

(POS) EPOSPay & NETS Payment Information added to the receipt 🖥️


POS payment and EPOSPay card payment information will be included in a single receipt.



POS payment and NETS payment information will be included in a single receipt.

(KDS) Change order display sequence 🖥️

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) includes a button to toggle between sorting orders in ascending and descending sequence. The default arrangement is for the oldest orders to be displayed at the front and newest orders at the end.

(KDS) Cross off individual products in a set menu 🖥️

Users can tick each separator item as completed on the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

When all separator items of a certain product are ticked, the entire product will be automatically ticked and marked as completed. 


How to Update

For POS related features, user will need to update the POS to the latest version, version

For Backend related features, user are not required to perform any actions, the new features would automatically be updated.



We value your input! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Thank You

We appreciate your continued trust in EPOS. This update is just one of many steps we’re taking to provide you with the best POS system on the market.

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