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Welcome Gifts

Kick start every member’s journey with tasty treats! Voucher, loyalty points or wallet credit, you name it.

Paid Memberships & Packages

Enhance customer loyalty and provide personalized experiences to your valued  customers while maintaining steady revenue. 

Vouchers Broadcasts

Boost sales through instantly reaching your customers with targeted broadcast vouchers. Promote special offers, drive traffic during slow periods, and reward loyal customers with ease.

Climb The Ranks

As customers climb the ranks, they unlock greater rewards and incentives.
Spend more, earn more! 

Referral Programme

Expand your customer base effortlessly, turn satisfied customers into passionate brand advocates by rewarding both the referrer and the referee.

Spending Milestone Reward

Remember every milestone in this journey of your business growing together with customers! Unlock incentives every time members achieve a new level of spending with your business.

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Was this article helpful?