Package products function is best used when they are being sold to customers as a combination of products or services which enables customers’ redemption, e.g. spa services, consultation services, food and beverage, gymnasium packages. The combination of products or services hereinafter known as redeemable product.


To create a Package Product and Redeemable Product:


1. Create the package product, enter Name, SKU and Base Price for the product. Refer to Adding a New Product to create a single package product.

💡 Package products cannot be imported to EPOS BACKEND PORTAL in bulk.


2. ☑️ the checkbox at Package product.

3. Once a package product is created, users should also ensure that redeemable products are created. For these redeemable products, users should not  ☑️  the checkbox at Package Product.


4. After both package product and redeemable product are created, continue to Packages Page and Assign Redeemable Products to Package Products to further configure the package product.


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