Follow the steps below on how to sell and redeem package products


Selling Package Products


Package Products are required to be set up at the backend portal.

“Redeem Product” payment type is also required to be set up at the backend portal


1. Users are not able to add package products to the order cart if there is no customer tagged to the sales order.


2. To add a package product to the order cart, users are required to tag a customer to the sales order


3. Select the package product, click on Done to add it to the order cart.


4. Users can proceed to check out the product.


Redeeming Package Products


1. A package can only be redeemed after selling to a customer. First, tag the customer to the sales order.

💡There must be a “Redeem” button in order to process package redemption. To enable package redemption, users are required to enable the package redemption payment type from BACKEND PORTAL.


2. Click on Redeem, a package redemption window will be shown.

(a) Select the package. (if customer has purchased a few packages, every package will be listed)

(b) Insert the quantity to be redeemed, using ➖or ➕ .

(c) Click on Cancel to abort the redemption.

(d) Click on Confirm to proceed with redemption.

💡Click on Print Package Details if customer would like to check on their remaining package status/sessions etc.


3. Upon clicking Confirm, package redemption will be added to cart. To proceed with redemption, click on PAY.


4. Users will be shown a redemption confirmation page


5. Upon double-checking the redemption, users can click on Validate and Redeem. A session / redemption will be recorded and that completes the redemption



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