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Follow the steps below on how to handle products with add-ons/options.


Products linked with Add-ons are required to be set up at the backend portal.

Before the product is added to the order cart, this window will be shown.



1. Add-on Groups / Option Groups

● Option Group – Users are only allowed to make a single selection from the group.

● Add-on Group – Users will have the choice to add as many as desired to the selection.


2. Add ons / Options

Selections available in the add-on group / option group.

💡Price displayed below the selection description indicates the additional price per unit for that particular selection.


3. Skip

Users can click on the Skip to close the add-on window


4. Done

When the user is done with making selections, click on Done to add the product to the cart.

💡Current Price – the product price after additional pricing due to add-ons/options.

💡Done will not be enabled if an option group is pending for selection.



Users can also edit the Add-on & Options Selection after adding the product to the cart.


1. To edit the add-on / options selection, click on the product added to the order cart.


2. A pop out will be shown, click on Edit Add-ons.


3. Re-select the add-ons and options, then click on Done


4. New add-ons / options will be shown in the order cart.


Was this article helpful?
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