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The early years are a critical time for growth and development, laying the foundation for future academic success and social-emotional well-being. Preschool and kindergarten programs play a vital role in this crucial stage, offering young children a nurturing environment filled with learning opportunities.

Whether your child is just starting their educational journey or preparing for primary school, these programs provide a space for exploration, discovery, and fostering essential skills through engaging activities and playful experiences. Based on various resources and considering factors like curriculum, facilities, reviews, and awards, here are several highly-rated options in Bukit Merah:

The Best Preschools and Kindergartens in Bukit Merah

1. Super Talent Childcare

Super Talent Childcare uses an integrated approach to learning that combines thematic teaching with play-based activities. This means that children learn about different concepts (like maths, science, language, and art) through fun themes and projects.

Address18 Jalan Membina #03-01/02 Singapore 164018

2. Banyan Tree Education

Their philosophy is “learning with games, making progress with fun”, and they use a variety of multimedia technology and interactive teaching methods to keep students engaged. It focuses on helping them develop their creativity and learning interests.

Address111 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1676 / 1678 Singapore 160111

3. Cambridge Preschool

They offer a curriculum focused on equipping children with “future skills” and have been operating for 20 years. They have multiple locations, some featuring focus on Chinese or Japanese language learning, or access to a swimming pool.

Address12 Alexandra View #02-01 Singapore 158736

4. PCF Sparkletots Preschool

These Partner Operator (POP) PCF Sparkletots preschools are government-subsidised and follow the MOE curriculum. They offer affordable early childhood education with a focus on play and exploration.


5. Mulberry Learning

Their curriculum is designed to nurture well-rounded children with strong critical thinking skills, positive attitudes, and a love of learning. They have a proprietary curriculum that is bilingual and focuses on both core knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Address12 Hoy Fatt Road #02-01 Bryton House Singapore 159506

6. Appleland Playhouse

Their curriculum emphasises intellectual, emotional, social, and creative development in children. They also offer enrichment programs alongside their curriculum to provide additional learning opportunities for the children.

Address104C, Depot Road, #01–03, Singapore 103104

7. Carpe Diem

Their curriculum is designed to discover and develop each child’s unique strengths using a Multiple Intelligence approach. They aim to create a nurturing environment where children can blossom into their full potential.

Address167 Jalan Bukit Merah #04-15C Singapore 150167

8. Star Learners

This preschool fosters curiosity and exploration through a play-based learning approach. They cater to children aged 18 months to 6 years old.

Address134 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1420, Singapore 160134

9. Alora Preschool

They use a theme-based and activity-based curriculum, which means that learning happens through play and exploration. The school strives to create a fun and engaging environment where children can learn and grow. They also actively seek opportunities to collaborate with local bodies and participate in community activities.

Address400 Lengkok Bahru, #01-04 & #02-03, S(159049)

10. Hope Childcare Centre

Their curriculum is bilingual and focuses on a love of learning, curiosity and independence. They integrate various domains like language, motor skills, and social development into their themes. They have programs for creche, preschool, after school care, and even school holiday camps.

Address3501 Jalan Bukit Merah #04-02 Rubikon S(159460)


It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive and several other reputable preschools and kindergartens exist in Bukit Merah. Consider visiting the schools, talking to current parents, and researching curriculum specifics to find the best fit for your child’s individual needs.

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