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The early years are a critical time for growth and development, laying the foundation for future academic success and social-emotional well-being. Preschool and kindergarten programs play a vital role in this crucial stage, offering young children a nurturing environment filled with learning opportunities.

Whether your child is just starting their educational journey or preparing for primary school, these programs provide a space for exploration, discovery, and fostering essential skills through engaging activities and playful experiences. Based on various resources and considering factors like curriculum, facilities, reviews, and awards, here are several highly-rated options in Queenstown:

The Best Preschools and Kindergartens in Queenstown

1. Milagros de Montessori School

The school is committed to the Montessori philosophy, which emphasises self-directed learning in a specially prepared environment. This method focuses on fostering independence, responsibility, and a love for learning in children.

AddressQueens Close 21, 21 Queen’s Cl, #01-0141 Block 21, 140021

2. Little Footprints Preschool

Little Footprints offers a warm and stimulating environment for both infants and preschoolers. Their qualified caregivers provide a safe haven for exploration and development, ensuring your child feels secure and supported.

Address89 Science Park Drive, #01-11/12, The Rutherford, Lobby, C, Singapore 118261

3. MindChamps PreSchooL

MindChamps PreSchool leverages scientific research to create a curriculum designed to unlock a child’s full potential. Their program focuses on igniting a love for learning and fostering well-rounded development.

Address3 Biopolis Dr, #01-11 Synapse, Singapore 138623

4. Invictus International Preschool West Coast

Their IIP Curriculum focuses on holistic development, with a strong emphasis on communication, language and literacy. This program uses a fun, multi-sensory approach to teach children letter sounds, reading, and writing, develop foundational language skills, and foster a love for reading.

Address9 South Buona Vista Rd, Singapore 118141

5. PCF Sparkletots

This PCF preschool provides a quality education at an affordable price. They offer a curriculum that is aligned with the Early Childhood Framework (ECF) and focuses on the holistic development of the child.

AddressBlk 78B Strathmore Ave, #02-01, Singapore 143078

6. My First Skool

These My First Skool branches are established preschools offering a play-based curriculum aligned with the MOE framework. They utilise the SPARK (Singapore Preschool Activity Readiness Kit) program for holistic development.

Address82 Strathmore Ave, #01-138 Block 82, Singapore 141082

7. Faith Methodist Preschool

They offer a holistic curriculum that combines academic development with Christian values and future-oriented skills. They incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts into their curriculum through play and hands-on activities.

Address400 Commonwealth Dr, Singapore 149604

8. True Way Presbyterian Kindergarten

They offer a curriculum that focuses on the holistic development of the child, with an emphasis on Christian values. Children are encouraged to develop their communication skills through asking questions, expressing their feelings, sharing ideas, and relating to personal experiences.

Address156b Stirling Rd, Singapore 148947

9. Lorna Whiston Preschool at Winchester

The school uses its own in-house curriculum, the Lorna Whiston Real Learning curriculum, which is designed to be bilingual and help children become confident in speaking English and Mandarin by age 7. They use a fun and experiential approach to learning, with a mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

Address9 Winchester Rd, Singapore 117783

10. JHS Montessori

They emphasise a holistic development using the Montessori method, which focuses on hands-on learning and catering to each child’s individual pace.

Address9 Chwee Chian Rd, Singapore 117488


It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive and several other reputable preschools and kindergartens exist in Queenstown. Consider visiting the schools, talking to current parents, and researching curriculum specifics to find the best fit for your child’s individual needs.

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