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Looking for an extra academic boost for your children in Hougang? Parents searching for the best tuition centre for their children are spoilt for choice. With numerous centres offering a variety of programs, deciding where to enrol your child can be overwhelming. This article explores some of the top-rated options in Hougang:

The Best Tuition Centres in Hougang

1. Edufirst Learning Centre

EduFirst Learning Centre is a tuition centre in Singapore with over 22 outlets offering classes for pre-primary, primary, and secondary students. They focus on small class sizes, with a maximum of eight students, and boast carefully selected tutors to ensure each child reaches their full potential. Their curriculum is aligned with the MOE syllabus and is constantly updated by a team of specialists.

Address21 Hougang St 51, #01-28 Green Shopping Mall, Singapore 538719

2. AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader goes beyond traditional exam preparation. Their program incorporates exam-taking strategies and revision techniques, equipping students with the tools to excel. Additionally, their “EverLoop Improvement System” offers complimentary after-class resources for further support.

Address809 Hougang Central, #02-172 Above Maxi-Cash, Singapore 530809

3. The Classroom

The Classroom provides tuition for O Level secondary school students in subjects like Physics and Chemistry. Their method is based on over 10 years of experience and aims to help students not only understand the material but also feel confident going into exams. They claim to have a proven system that has helped past students improve their grades by 2-4 levels.

AddressBlk 806 Hougang Central, #04-154, Singapore 530806

4. One.Tuition Place Pte Ltd

One.Tuition Place Pte Ltd is a tuition centre located in Hougang, Singapore that specializes in providing JC, secondary, and primary level classes. They offer a variety of subjects including Maths, Science, English, and General Paper, and emphasize a caring and passionate teaching approach.

Address203 Hougang St 21, Singapore 530203


ONE2TUITION LEARNING SPACE provides enrichment and tutoring services for students. They offer one-to-one and small group classes with a focus on customized learning to cater to individual needs. Their goal is to make learning enjoyable and effective, equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Address17 Simon Rd, #02-01, Singapore 545902

6. The Learning Board Tuition Centre

The Learning Board Tuition Centre specializes in English tuition, aiming to motivate students and improve their grades through effective strategies. With a focus on mindset change and student support, they boast a strong track record of students achieving A grades and entrance into prestigious institutions. Their classes are said to be engaging and enjoyable, and they offer additional resources like worksheets and knowledge packs.

Address1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-67, Singapore 533971

7. Stalford Learning Centre

They have over 20 years of experience in providing tuition for students from preschool to junior college level. They focus on helping students achieve their academic goals through quality education, experienced teachers, and a supportive administrative system. Their centres offer a variety of subjects including Math, Science, English, and more.

Address90 Hougang Avenue 10 #05-06 Hougang Mall, 538766

8. Simply Education Tuition Centre

Simply Education offers group classes for students in primary and secondary levels. Their subjects include Math, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), English and Chinese. They emphasize effective learning styles, academic improvement, and student well-being in a collaborative environment. With locations in Tampines, Hougang and Tiong Bahru, they aim to provide quality, affordable tuition to help students achieve their academic goals.

Address806 Hougang Central, #03-154, Singapore 530806

9. Learners’ Lodge

Learners’ Lodge is a well-regarded tuition centre in Singapore specializing in academic enrichment and tutorial programs for Junior College (JC) students. They boast a blend of experienced, NIE-trained teachers, innovative teaching methods, and a focus on technology to help JC students achieve their academic goals. With branches across Singapore, Learners’ Lodge has a strong track record of helping students not only get good grades but also qualify for their preferred universities, including local universities and even Ivy League schools in the US and UK.

AddressBlk 221 Hougang St 21, #B1-100, Singapore 530221

10. eduSpace

EduSpace is an MOE-registered tuition centre offering English, Math, Science and Chinese tuition for students from primary to junior college levels. Located conveniently near Hougang MRT station and bus interchange, it provides a supportive learning environment with experienced tutors to help students achieve their academic goals.

Address1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-48 The Midtown, Singapore 533971


These are just a few of the many excellent tuition centres in Hougang. It’s important to consider your child’s specific needs and learning style when making a decision. By carefully evaluating your options and keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect tuition centre in Hougang to help your child thrive in school.

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