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Looking for an extra academic boost for your children in Kallang? Parents searching for the best tuition centre for their children are spoilt for choice. With numerous centres offering a variety of programs, deciding where to enrol your child can be overwhelming. This article explores some of the top-rated options in Kallang:

The Best Tuition Centres in Kallang

1. WRITERS AT WORK Enrichment

WRITERS AT WORK Enrichment offers English and writing classes for primary and secondary school students. Their goal is to equip students with strong writing skills and the confidence to excel in academics and beyond. They use a structured curriculum with engaging teaching methods to help students of all levels improve their writing abilities.

Address12 Kallang Ave, #03-02 Aperia Mall, Singapore 339511

2. Read Think Learn Education Hub

Read Think Learn Education Hub is a tuition centre in Singapore offering small group learning environments for students from preschool to junior college. They focus on providing high-quality tuition and enrichment programs with experienced educators, aiming to help students build a strong foundation and improve their academic performance in various subjects.

Address45 Boon Keng Rd, #02-05, Singapore 339771

3. Kultivate Learning Centre

Kultivate Learning Centre is a tuition centre specializing in Science and Mathematics for Primary and Secondary school students. They focus on providing individualized education, tailoring their lessons to each student’s needs. Their goal is to not only improve students’ grades but also develop their literacy and numeracy skills, offering a well-rounded educational experience.

Address60 Somme Rd, #01-01, Singapore 207876

4. Lynn Tuition Centre

Lynn Tuition Centre, now known as Lynn Learning Hub, has been providing tuition in Singapore since 2000. They offer classes in English, Math, Science, Chinese, and Economics for primary, secondary, and junior college students. Their centres are located across Singapore and they claim to have a unique set of materials that helps students learn effectively.

AddressBlock 22 Boon Keng Rd, #01-11, 330022

5. Cher’s English Tuition

Based in Singapore, Cher’s English Tuition offers online classes to help secondary school students excel in their O-Level English exams. With experienced teachers, interactive lessons, and a focus on the latest MOE syllabus, they aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge to achieve academic success.

Address9 Gloucester Rd, Singapore 210009

6. Casco Enrichment Centre

Casco Enrichment Centre, owned by the reputable publisher Casco Publications, provides enrichment lessons for students of all levels in Singapore. They focus on creating a supportive and engaging environment to equip students with the academic skills and knowledge needed to succeed in school examinations.

AddressTowner Rd, #01-214 Block 101, Singapore 322101

7. Future Genius Learning Planet

Future Genius Learning Planet is a tuition center located in Farrer Park, Singapore, specializing in primary level Chinese language instruction. They offer group classes led by MOE-trained tutors and experienced full-time teachers, aiming to create a stimulating learning environment that helps students develop their strengths and overcome weaknesses.

Address46 Owen Rd, #01-279, Singapore 210046

8. First Grade Study

First Grade Study offers individualised academic support in English, Math, Science, and Mandarin Chinese for students from Kindergarten through Secondary 4. They focus on creating a fun and engaging learning environment to help children achieve academic success.

Address57 Geylang Bahru, #01-3513, Singapore 330057

9. Kumon Learning Centre

Kumon is a worldwide after-school enrichment program that focuses on math, English and, in some regions, Chinese language. Their individualized learning method aims to empower students from preschool to secondary school by tailoring the program to their specific pace and ability. With over 4 million students enrolled in more than 50 countries, Kumon is a leader in self-learning advancement.

Address180 Kitchener Road #06-09, City Squar Mall, 208539

10. Nanyang Educational Consultancy

Nanyang Educational Consultancy is a highly-regarded tuition centre in Singapore known for its experienced and passionate teachers who offer personalised and effective teaching methods. Their courses cater to primary, secondary, and junior college levels, and specialise in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, and Chinese. They also offer specialised courses for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) and Integrated Programme (IP). Boasting an impressive track record, with 85% of their students attaining A or A* In their exams.

AddressBlock 23 Bendemeer Rd, #01-509 Block 23, Singapore 330023


These are just a few of the many excellent tuition centres in Kallang. It’s important to consider your child’s specific needs and learning style when making a decision. By carefully evaluating your options and keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect tuition centre in Kallang to help your child thrive in school.

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