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Passion for dancing? DF Academy is just the right place for you to go! DF Academy, also known as Dance Family, is a prestigious Hip-Hop & K-pop Performing dance school in Singapore. DF Academy offers about a hundred classes who are taught by prestigious instructors who have won dance competitions both locally and overseas. Not only can you improve your dancing skills, students with good potential will be chosen as members of DF Academy’s very own DF Entertainment crew – students undergo holistic training in all Hip-Hop & K-pop dance styles as well as represent the school in various competitions and performances. Lastly, being a student in DF Academy allows you to gain exposure such as overseas dance exchange, public performing opportunities in huge theatres, dance and choreography camps etc. So, if you are passionate about dancing, head over to DF Academy and check them out!

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Customer Reviews

“I definitely recommend you this DF dance lessons! The lessons are depends on your levels. When I first register for the trial lessons, DF assigned me the class lot depends on my past dance experience and my preference of time slot. My teacher, Pink is so kind to everyone. I’m having fun to go lessons every week because of her and my sweet team mates.”

– Mai Okada

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