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Integrated PayNow

Manual PayNow Completion

Follow the steps below on how to carry out a transaction that uses EPOS PayNow.


EPOSPay PayNow is an integrated payment method that allows customers located in Singapore to checkout directly with PayNow. The fund will directly be credited into the user’s corporate PayNow account associated with UOB based on the PayNow ID set up in the backend, and the transaction will be automatically verified and completed by EPOS- UOB API when the funds are credited successfully. 


Integrated PayNow

1. At the payment page, select the payment that has been setup from the BACKEND using EPOSPay Payment Strategy.


2. A QR code will be shown on the cashier’s screen and customers facing display. This QR code is dynamically generated based on the transaction amount, and PayNow account to be credited.

QR code will be invalid for payments after 5 minutes.


3. Customers proceed to scan the QR code.


4. Once payment is cleared from PayNow, payment completion page will be shown automatically on the POS.


Manual PayNow Completion


1. At the payment page, when the cashier selects the PayNow option, a QR code will appear for customer to scan and make the payment.


2. Once the customer has made payment, the cashier will manually click on the Complete Payment button after verifying that the payment has gone through.


3. The cashier will be directed back to the payment complete page and the receipt will be printed.


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