Users will be able to edit user group access permissions on the Backend Portal.

1. Edit Group

Allow users to edit the group name and description.


2. Feature / Functions List

List of Functions and Feature available on Backend Portal

● ➕ – Expands the feature group to show each feature

● ➖ – Collapse the features into feature group

● ๏ – Base feature


3. Permissions

Shows the selected/applicable feature that is being configured.


4. Namespace Permissions

Allow users to modify the access of the staff for the entire feature group shown in item no. 3.

● Allow All – Apply “allow” to all actions

● Deny All – Apply “Deny” to all actions

● Inherit All – Inherit all permission effects from an upper level e.g. roles / groups and apply to all actions.


5. Actions

Allow users to change staff permission to execute specific action for specific features. Users are able to edit per action level. 


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