To create a new voucher series, access the Voucher main page and click Create.


1. Name

Enter the name of the voucher series.


2. Description

Enter details or remarks for the voucher series.


3. Start Date and End Date

Select the validity period for the voucher series.


4. Start Time and End Time

Select the validity hours within a day for the voucher series.


5. Days of Week

Select the particular days within a week for the voucher to be valid.


6. Voucher Type

Select either

● Unlimited: Allows voucher series to be redeemed unlimited times.

● Limited: Limits the voucher series to be redeemed for a specific number of times.


7. Limited Quantity

Enter the number of times for voucher to be redeemed until voucher is invalid.

💡 To be left blank if Unlimited Voucher Type is selected.


8. Discount Type and Discount Quantity

Select either

● Dollar ($): Voucher will give a discount in dollar terms

● Percentage (%): Voucher will give a discount in percentage terms.

● Amount: Amount to be discounted by voucher.


9. Target this voucher (Customer Group and Location)

● Enables users to select the applicable customer group and memberships.

● Enables users to select relevant outlets which accept the Voucher.

💡 Leave blank for default options: Everywhere and everyone.


10. Voucher List

Shows the list of Serial Number created.


To create the list of Serial Number, there are 2 ways.


A: Auto Generate

Enables the BACKEND PORTAL to auto- generate Serial Numbers for the Voucher Series.

a. Number of vouchers to be generated.

b. Number of characters for the serial number.

c. Prefix/Suffix: ☑️ if prefix or suffix is needed.

d. Click on Generate once done.

💡Prefix is the group of specific text to be used at the beginning of the serial number, while suffix is used at the end.


B: Upload Vouchers

Allows users to bulk import customized serial numbers.

a. Download Codes import Template, open the template and enter serial numbers in column A.

b. Once completed, upload to the BACKEND PORTAL.

c. Click on Begin Import once done, the entire list of Serial Numbers will be added to BACKEND PORTAL.


C. Manual Input Voucher

Users can enter Voucher Codes freely one line at a time. Once Voucher Code is entered, click on Add to create a new line.


D. Code Filter

Enables users to apply filters to the list of vouchers created.


11. Save button

To save the new voucher series, click on Save.


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