To bulk import a list of suppliers, access Suppliers main page and click on Bulk Import.

1. To download the suppliers import template, click on the Suppliers import template.

2. Open up the downloaded file “supplier_template.csv”.

3. Remove sample data from the template.

4. Refer to this table for general guidelines to fill in the columns accordingly.

A. *code

Enter supplier code.

💡 Usually abbreviations or short form of supplier’s name.

B. *name

Enter supplier organization name.

C. contact_person

Enter a contact person from the supplier’s organization.

D. website

Enter supplier’s website.

E. currency

Enter the currency dealing with the supplier. Can be left blank, default SGD.

F. mobile

Enter supplier’s mobile number.

G. email

Enter supplier’s email address.

H. phone

Enter supplier’s alternate phone number.

I. fax

Enter fax number, if applicable.

J. address_street_1

Enter supplier’s address details.

K. address_street_2

Enter suppler’s address details.

L. address_city

Enter the city of the supplier’s address.

M. address_state

Enter the state of the supplier’s address.

N. address_country

Enter the country of the supplier’s address.

O. address_postal_code

Enter the postal code of the supplier’s address.

P. note

Enter remarks, if needed.

* Compulsory fields
💡 Any optional columns which are not carrying any data can be deleted to enhance data import speed.

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