Sales Receipt Update (ERP Sales) | EPOS POS System

A sales order linked to a pending/partial invoice is updated when:

  • One or more partial payments are made to the invoice
  • Full payment is made to the invoice

To update a sales order:





Select the invoice from the invoices list in the main Invoices page.


Click on the Make Payment button on the top right side of the page.


Enter the required payment details and click Confirm Payment.


After the invoice page has refreshed, click the View Receipt button on the right side of the page.


Users will be redirected to the sales order from the invoice page.

The sales order will be updated with the partial payment(s) made. [If full payment was made, this full payment will be updated in the sales order accordingly]


Select Transaction Timeline on the Sales order.

The transaction timeline for the sales order will also be updated with the partial/full payment accordingly.

💡Multiple partial payments would display the multiple payments separately in the transaction timeline.


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