Follow the steps below on how to apply discount(s)


There are two different tiers of discounts available at the FRONTEND POS. Users can either apply discounts at the product level and/or order level. The discounts can be stacked on each other.


Applying discounts at product level


1. At the particular product added to the order cart, click on the product


2. The product details window will be shown.

(a) Insert the amount
(b) Select the type of discount, Percentage(%) or Dollar ($) discount. Selection will be highlighted in blue
(c) Click on Done to proceed with the update.


3. For the particular item, either dollar discount or percentage discount will be shown as below.

Dollar discount


Percentage discount


4. The amount of discount can be viewed here, and the total amount payable will also be deducted accordingly


5. To remove the discount, click on the product to open up the product details window.

(a) Click on 🆇
(b) Click on Done to save changes.


Applying discounts at order level


1. At the Sales Screen, click on Discount


2. A manual discount window will be shown.

(a) Insert the discount amount (in percentage)

(b) Click on ☑️  to apply order discount.


3. The discount will be shown at the Sales Screen.


4. To remove the order discount, click on Discount again. At the Manual discount window, click on Delete Discount

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