November 2023

This month, we are bringing forward a great set of enhancements. We envision bringing SMEs to greater heights, not only improving businesses’ operational efficiency but also better facilitating customer relationship management effectiveness! 

We are thrilled to bring you our extensive array of new features, further underlining our unwavering dedication to elevating your point-of-sale experience. As usual, stay tuned for what’s coming next, as we continue to innovate and provide even greater value to your business.


What’s New

In this version, we’ve introduced a range of exciting features and improvements based on feedback from our valued users. Here are the new enhancements/features:

Not sure which affects you? 
These icons indicate which group of users is impacted by each enhancement: Point of Sale (POS) users, Backend users, or Web Ordering App users.

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Change Log

16 Nov 2023: Updated areas include Vouchers, QR/Web Ordering, Delivery Order & Invoice (Indicated by *)

(Set Up) Revised Tax Type Default Priority 🖥️ ⚙️

We have improved the display of taxes on sales receipts. Previously, the order of GST and SVC taxes caused confusion, as SVC should be calculated before GST.

With this update, we ensure that taxes are displayed in the correct charging sequence on the sales receipt, addressing customer concerns and eliminating confusion, unless adjusted in tax rules settings.

Relevant Pages: Tax Rules Page Overview

(Voucher) Implemented “Minimum Spending” Criteria For Vouchers* ⚙️

A new compulsory “Minimum Spending” field in the voucher configuration section allows users to set conditions for customers to redeem vouchers based on a specified minimum spending amount.

Relevant Pages: Vouchers

(QR/Web Ordering) Added Apple Pay & Google Pay As Payment Methods* 📱

With the usual manual input of credit/debit card information, your customers are more prone to privacy and security fraud. Manually keying in card details exposes customer’s card details to peeping scammers who might steal card information.

Customers can now pay through Apple pay and Google Pay on the web ordering app.

Relevant Pages:
Create a Payment Method
Add Payment Options to Web Ordering App Store

(Sales Receipt) Synchronised Item Sequences On Sales Receipts to POS Receipts 🖥️ ⚙️

To enhance the consistency of item sequences on sales receipts, we have updated the backend functionality. Previously, the item sequence on backend sales receipts did not match the order in which items were added on the frontend receipt.

With this update, the item sequence on the backend sales receipt now aligns with the frontend transaction detail page, ensuring that items appear in the same order as they were added to the order cart.

POS Receipt:

Backend Sales Receipt: 

🖱️ Click to enlarge image

(Delivery Order & Invoice) Added Display of Composite Child Products* ⚙️

Invoices and delivery orders can now intelligently showcase both composite parent products and their child products, providing a comprehensive breakdown of SKU, Product Name, and Quantity.

This enhancement streamlines the delivery arrangement process, empowering cashiers to better organize deliveries based on the detailed Delivery Order (DO). Customers benefit too, as they can easily refer to the DO to verify delivered items.


Delivery Order Configurations Page:

Exported PDF:

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How to Update

For POS related features, user will need to update the POS to the latest version, version

For Backend related features, user are not required to perform any actions, the new features would automatically be updated.



We value your input! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Thank You

We appreciate your continued trust in EPOS. This update is just one of many steps we’re taking to provide you with the best POS system on the market.

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