January 2024

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What’s New

Not sure which affects you? 
These icons indicate which group of users is impacted by each enhancement: Point of Sale (POS) users, Backend users, or Web Ordering App users.

( 🖥️ POS — ⚙️ Backend — 📦 Stocktake Device —📱 Web Ordering App)


Change Log 

25 Jan: ***Added POS, Kiosk
22 Jan: **Added POS, Label Printing, QR/Web Ordering
17 Jan: *Added Stocktake Device & Promotions

(POS) Introduction of Video Ads to Customer/Second Display** 🖥️

Looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to elevate your in-store marketing?

Our new video advertisement functionality allows you to utilise your existing customer/second display to deliver impactful video content without the need for additional screens or hardware.


    1. Select images / videos
    2. Compile them in a folder
    3. Enable Advertisements on Hardware Settings
    4. Select the advertisement images folder
    5. Input Ads Transition Time
    6. Your advertisements will now play whenever the POS is inactive!

Ready to light up your second display? Update your V5 POS today and unlock the power of video marketing!

Relevant Pages: Hardware Settings

(POS) Enhanced User flow for retrieving unpaid Third-party orders*** 🖥️

This enhancement benefits users who have been using the Kiosk or QR/Webapp, and have been manually confirming your third party orders on the POS in the “Pending Confirmation” section.

With our new update, you will now be able to easily differentiate paid and unpaid orders on the POS

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Additionally, users will be able to “Retrieve” orders to make any necessary edits before sending the orders to the kitchen to print out only the confirmed orders.

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(POS) Implemented Display of Queue Number for Third Party Orders*** 🖥️

When third party orders are placed on kiosk, QR/Web Ordering App or delivery platforms, the POS will now reflect the queue number for users to match orders on the POS to receipt printouts. This enables for a smoother user experience when retrieving orders.

💡 Here are the pre-requisites to enable the queue number feature:

  1. Enable Table Management (When table management is enabled, users will be able to tag orders to tables. To enable this feature, please contact your customer support team.)
  2. Enable Queue Number (here)

(Promotions) New Promotion strategy for Tiered Pricing Strategy* 🖥️ ⚙️

You can now easily create tiered pricing strategy promotion on our POS system! To set up The new promotion strategy, simply input the minimum quantity requirement and its respective unit price for up to 15 tier levels and let the POS system do all the calculation during your fast-paced business operations.

This introduction aims to help motivate your customers to purchase in higher quantities, or even in bulk depending on your business nature.

Relevant pages: Promotion Rewards

(Vouchers) Introduced New Voucher Targeting Option - All Registered Customers ⚙️

The final addition to the voucher module upgrading involves the voucher targeting options. We are now equipping you with the ability to reward all your registered customers with vouchers, regardless of their membership tiers.

What’s different from the existing, “Everyone” option?

 Able to limit to 1 redemption per customer?Require customers to be tagged to order?Does the customer have to be part of either a customer group or a membership tier
All Registered Customers✔️✔️
Customer Group / Membership Tier✔️✔️✔️

The newly introduced “All Registered Customers” option still allows you to award vouchers to everyone, as long as the customer is tagged to the order. This feature serves as the middle ground to offering vouchers to everyone while limiting the redemption to 1 per customer.

Now reach out to all your loyal customers with the new “All registered customers” option to reward them with a thank-you gift!

Relevant Pages: Vouchers

(Third-Party Orders) Implemented a Sub-Config for Auto-Send To Kitchen to Verify Order’s Payment Status 🖥️

When orders are placed on QR/Web Ordering Apps or Kiosks, some orders’ payment status are still in pending until the customers pay at cashier. By default, all orders including unpaid orders will be auto sent to kitchen.

With the new sub-config, you can choose to allow only paid orders to be auto sent to kitchen.

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Relevant Pages: Auto-send Paid Orders to Kitchen

(Label Printing) Implemented Auto Printing of Labels for Third Party Orders** 🖥️

Introducing automatic label printing for third-party orders – including Kiosk, QR/Web Ordering App and delivery orders!

No more running back and forth from the Kiosk to the POS to manually print out label stickers. With the new auto-print feature, when a customer places an order on the Kiosk, the respective order label ✨magically✨ appears on the printer – all on its own!

Relevant Pages: Label Printing

(Stocktake) Enhanced Stocktake Device Security with Auto-Logout Timer* 📦

We’re excited to announce an important upgrade to your stocktaking experience: the Auto-Logout Timer. This handy feature adds an extra layer of security to your sensitive data by automatically logging you out after 4 hours of inactivity.

Experience the security and convenience of the Auto-Logout Timer on your next stocktake by updating your stocktake device to the latest version (v3.2.2).

(QR/Web ordering App) Introduction of dining mode configuration on the Webapp** 📱

This new feature that gives you more control over your QR/web ordering experience: Outlet-specific Takeaway Dining options!

You might have some outlets available only for takeaway orders and some has more floor space for your customers to dine in. Now you can make the necessary changes to your QR/Web ordering service to better inform your customers of the available dining options whenever they places an order. We hope this helps streamline your workflow and enable for a more smooth customer experience!

Want to implement this change to your system? Contact our customer support team working with you so they can make the changes for you!

(Kiosk) Implemented display of Queue Number on the Kiosk Pre-Settlement Receipt*** 🖥️

In line with our efforts to improve the Kiosk ordering experience, when your customers choose “Pay Later at Cashier”, their pre-settlement receipt will clearly display a unique queue number, making it easy for cashiers to identify the right orders quickly on the POS.

💡 Here are the pre-requisites to enable the queue number feature:

  1. Enable Table Management (When table management is enabled, users will be able to tag orders to tables. To enable this feature, please contact your customer support team.)
  2. Enable Queue Number (here)

Get ready to enjoy a smoother kiosk ordering experience with clearer order identification and faster payments!


How to Update

For POS related features, user will need to update the POS to the latest version, version

For Backend related features, user are not required to perform any actions, the new features would automatically be updated.



We value your input! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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